Devotional Guide

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    As in all things, this month you will be looking at the beginnings in the life of Jesus Christ.  Before we get too far into the story, you need to understand the world in which Jesus came into.  Jesus didn't just drop into a void,  There were historical and cultural things that need to be understood in order to get an accurate picture of who Jesus was.  We will be talking about that.  We end this month talking about the entry into the world of Jesus' cousin, John, the Baptist.

  • devoted to Jesus for february

    This month you will be reading about the ministry of Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist.  You will also be reading about the beginning of the ministry of Jesus.  Most people believe Jesus called His disciples only once, but by the end of the month, you will be seeing the actual the calling of the first 6 disciples.  He ministered with those disciples for 1/3 of His ministry.


    This month begins with Jesus' ministry in hostile Samaria and into the Early Galilean Ministry.  You will read about the 2nd and 3rd calling of disciples.  In order to begin pouring HIs life into these 12 disciples, Jesus gives us His Sermon on the Mount.  Most of the teaching will be done next month, but in March we will be introducing the Sermon.


    This month is entirely devoted to Jesus' sermon on the Mount.  This is Discipleship 101.  If you ever wanted to understand what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, this is where you will find out.  You will gain a new understanding of what it means to be good in God's eyes.

  • devoted to jesus for may

    At the beginning of this month, we will be closing out our discussion of Jesus' amazing Sermon on the Mount.  As we continue the rest of this month, we will be following Jesus as He travels through the region of Galilee preaching and healing the people.  The real question we will answer is what will the reaction be to all of Jesus' miracles by the Jewish leadership?  That question will be answered this month and will cause a great transition in Jesus' ministry.