A Day 20 Years in the Making

  • Lead Pastor Tony

    Amatangelo and his wife, Sylvia

    They are the founders of Life Spring Community Church. Click here to learn more

  • Kids having fun

    The cul-de-sac on Kazuko Court became a playground for kids of all ages March 26 as Life Spring celebrated its 20th anniversary.

  • Celebrate

    Minister Bob Zastrow

    Bob serves Paul Lopez some anniversary cake.

  • Let there be food

    Chef Josh Washburn and Ray Degani ham it up over the best hamburgers in town. 

Delight in, and Savor the Sweetness of Life 

  • We have a baby bunny that can fit in the palm of my hand. She’s a great pet. She costs nothing, requires little care, and gives us joy every day – she lives in our back yard!

        The other day, a peach from our tree was put out for the bunny. The bunny was munching away on our green grass as usual until she caught a whiff of the fresh peach!

       She made her way over to the peach, which was just in front of our sliding glass door where we were watching. She put her nose on the peach and smiled. She looked all around her to make sure there were no crows or cats. And then she took a bite!

       Oh! How tasty! Much better than grass!

       As I was thinking about the baby bunny eating the peach I remembered the prayer of the Psalmist: “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8). I realized that the Lord had given me a parable and I sensed him whisper to my heart…

        Will you delight in me like the bunny delighted in the peach? When you savor the sweetness of my Word to you and my Spirit in you like the bunny thrilled over the peach then you will be filled with my love, joy, and peace.

       But sometimes you’re so busy grazing on grass that you don’t even see the peach of my presence in your midst. Other times you’re so worried about crows and cats that you miss out on eating the peach that I put out before you.

       Relax! I’m watching over you. And I give myself to you. Hop over to me. Taste and see that I am good.

       Yes, Lord, I want to be as the little bunny – trusting your protective care, free to play and explore, observant to discover the gift of your grace, delighting in your deliciousness. As the bunny was captivated by the peach may I be captivated by you, O Christ! Fill my thoughts.

       May Jesus be the peach that pleases you

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