We believe the church is a place to connect with God, with one another and with our community.

It can be challenging to build real relationships if all you do is attend Sunday services, especially with both an onsite and online campus. The best way to make a meaningful connection with others at Life Spring is to participate in a Growth Group, Connect Event or Serving team. Or, maybe, all three.

Connecting with God

Because we believe that connecting with God is a primary element of our lives, we provide opportunities during the week for you to meet with God. Our Church auditorium is open Monday through Thursday from 9:00am until 4:00pm for you to come and spend quiet time alone with God in prayer. We also invite you to join us for our midweek prayer meeting called Weekly Prayer Time, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm at the Church. Finally, we offer a host of opportunities to study the Bible at one of our Growth Groups.

Connecting with One Another

Because we believe that connecting with one another is an essential element of our lives, we provide opportunities to develop friendships. We welcome you to join any of our midweek Growth Groups. For students from Middle School to College, join us Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm for Thrive Starting October 20, 2020. Men, check out our upcoming Men's Activities and Ladies, check out our exciting Ladies Connect.

Connecting with Our Community

Because we also believe that one of the primary missions of the Church is to connect in a meaningful way with our community, we also provide cool opportunities to reach out in tangible ways to our Community.