Connections Newsletter Volume 14
July - September 2019

  • Lessons in-and-out of class

    Nancy Tuttle takes life one challenge at a time

      Nancy Tuttle has been a believer in Jesus Christ since she was a little girl. Her faith has been nurtured since then by a variety of individuals and incidents.
       “My grandmother was a big influence on my spiritual life. She would ask me questions about what I had learned in Sunday school to be sure I understood,” Nancy recalled.   
    “I understood Salvation then in its simplest form but I
    continued to grow and felt privileged to be a believer.”

       Nancy, who is Life Spring’s Elementary Director, grew up in Hayward, California. 

       Her future husband, Ray Tuttle, Life Spring’s Elder, Grow Minister, and occasional band member, lived around the corner from her.

       “Our families were friends - his sister and I were friends.”    

       After Ray and Nancy were married, they continued to live in Northern California with their children, Brian and Amy, until a job offer for Ray brought them to Southern California. Nancy, who is a licensed Speech Language Pathologist, applied her passion and skills at the Pleasant Valley School District.

       “I’ve always been interested in teaching - I’ve been teaching young students in some form since I was a teenager. 

    Ray and Nancy have lived in Camarillo for 23 years. They considered moving to Moorpark, but for now, they intend to stay there.
       “We looked at some places in Moorpark - we even had it mapped out - how long it would take us to get from home to church,” Nancy said. “With the move, we found out we would save about three minutes.”
       Before making Life Spring their home church, Nancy and Ray attended churches in Camarillo and Ventura.

       The decision to move to Life Spring was the result of a lot of prayers and strong friendship.

       “When the Ventura church closed, we asked God, “what do we do next?’” Nancy said. “We met with different people, seeking counsel. We’ve known Sylvia and Tony (Amatangelo) for a long time.

      Coming to Life Spring seemed to be God’s plan for us.

       On Palm Sunday this year, Nancy was getting ready to leave for church when she
    suffered a freak accident in her hallway.

        “Ray was already at church, rehearsing with the band. I’m headed down the hallway and just tripped over my own two feet. I put out both my hands to break my fall.”

        Luckily Brian lives close by and was able to help his mom because her injuries were
    serious enough to require
    surgery and had both her arms in a sling. The accident may have knocked her down, but not out. With the help of Ray and others in the church, she was able to keep the Elementary school program on track.
       “It’s very frustrating when you’re not able to use your hands,” she said. There’s a feeling of helplessness.”

       Amy’s recovery from cancer is another instance where prayer and seeking tangible ways to help has made Nancy stronger.
      “You have to get over the shock first,” Nancy said. “Then you go about getting things done one thing at a time. It’s made us stronger.” 

  • acceptance is more powerful than you think

    Acceptance is a powerful yet misunderstood concept. When we aren’t accepting people, places, and things as they are, we are fighting them at some level. The fight takes our physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual energy. 

       There is an internal struggle and restlessness that goes something like this: “I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I want something different. Why does it have to be this way?” 

       Can you hear in that dialogue the desire to change things? Can you see how it prevents you from getting to the necessary “It is what it is – now what?”

       You have more power over yourself than things outside yourself. Once you accept the things you cannot change, you can look at your personal choices. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

    • What are you thinking and feeling about the situation?

    • Can you change your attitude so you will feel differently?

    • Do you need to take some action that you have avoided?

    • Is it time to set a boundary?

       You can change your response to your circumstances, thereby changing its` power over you. Perspective matters too. God uses whatever comes into our lives for his glory and our good (Romans 8:28).
       Surrendering your will and life to God allows you to let go of the outcome and become aligned with his purpose.

        Acceptance doesn’t mean tolerance of things that are wrong or having weak boundaries. It’s about letting go of the things that keep us from taking responsibility and action.

                            - Kara Downing

    Relationship Devotional Prayer

    God, help me accept the people and circumstances in my life just as they are, so I can be free to respond to them in the best way


    Relationship Devotional Challenge

    Take these steps:

    Focus on accepting the people in your life just as they are.

    Thank God for everything in your life exactly as it is.

    Take steps toward setting a needed boundary in a relationship.


    Scripture Meditation
    Matthew 26:36-42

       In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus
    struggled intensely with relinquishing his will to the Father, knowing that his crucifixion wasn’t going to be easy. 

       He was honest with God about his inner
    conflict, as we too should be as we work through our own internal battles on our way to acceptance. 

       How necessary is acceptance? Without
    acceptance, Jesus wouldn’t have been able to submit himself to the suffering ahead. 

       He needed to be aligned emotionally,
    spiritually, relationally, physically, and mentally with God’s will.

  • we can thank god for

    independence day

    Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
                    (2 Corinthians 3:17)


       No doubt you’ve seen the bumper stickers: “If you can read this, thank a teacher,” and “Enjoy your freedom? Thank a veteran.”

       But have you seen the bumper sticker that says: “If you love America, thank God.”

      America is all about liberty. And liberty is all about God. The two are inseparable.
       The liberty we know today would not exist were it not for the Spirit of the Lord that filled such men as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and countless others who declared self-rule and freedom from England on that summer day in 1776.

       We celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July each year to pay tribute to that day when the 13 original colonies, then at war with Great Britain for a year, adopted the Declaration of Independence. 
       The yoke of British rule was officially thrown off.

       It was Jefferson, tasked with composing the original draft of the Declaration of Independence, who wrote, “God who gave us life gave us liberty.”

       God and Liberty:
    Intertwined and Inseparable.

       When we celebrate July 4th, whether we realize it or not, we pay tribute to God’s role in shaping our great nation. The Spirit of the Lord ruled that day, and every day since. His Spirit will continue to do so as long as we acknowledge Him.

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    Saturday, July 3rd,

    August 10th, and
    September 14th

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    Saturday, July 27th,
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    September 28th
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    Sunday, July 14th
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    Friday, July 19th
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    & Conference Center

    Sunday, August 11th
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    September 9th
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    Women’s Bible Study
    7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    Rose Brown’s home